5 Dreamy Hotels Worldwide


#1 Viceroy Hotel, Bali This secluded 5 star resort has it all, as it offers exquisite food, spa services, and most importantly, the staff makes you feel like home. The surrounding scenery is truly breath-taking.

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9 Celebrity Lookalikes From A Different Race


#1 Nicolas Coppola (Nicolas Cage) There are many people on Planet Earth, and once in a while even a famous actor will have a lookalike.

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10 Annoying Cats When You Study

cats main

#1 You no study, you play with Pebbles The complete works of William Shakespeare vs. your cat. There’s only ever going to be one winner.

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9 Owls That Feel Your Hangover


#1 If I Close One Eye, There’s Only One Of You… The owls feel you.. Especially when you drink a Singapore Sling with a beak.

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7 Extreme Sports That Will Make Your Heart Stop For a Second


#1 Paragliding trapesing

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6 Weirdest Foods From Around the World


#1 Crispy Chicken Feet It’s always recommended to try different types of food, as you might discover new, highly enjoyable aromas. However, not all foods are particularly yummy… #3 on the list is mind-blowing! Why would anyone want to eat chicken feet? I guess it won’t be to get much faster.

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5 Embarrassing Child Haircuts


#1 The Buffoon

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